SCS's Policies and Procedures

West Africans Telecommunications Conference
March 1999



ln November 16 1998, during its session ho Id at Nouakchott, The West African Telecommunications Conference decided to create a consultative organization called "Studying Committee Services" which was composed by its members. This committee's method of running and organization are governed by this present policies and procedures.



Article 1 : The SCS is a consultative organization of the West African Telecommunication Conference (WATC) which rule is to lead studies on:
- The princip les of priees and accountancies for telecommunication services. - The variety of under- regional partnership concerning the supply of telecommunication services.

Article 2 : The SCS result should be given like recommendations, which has the agreement and the approbation of the WATC.

Article 3 : Moreover, the SCS is responsible for making use the executions of decisions and recommendations of the WATC in the sense of competence.



Article 4 : Composition

The SCS is an experts committee, which is composed by permanent representatives of each members of the WA TC. At its head there is a President assisted by a reporter.

Article 5 : running

A President nominated by the WA TC leads the SCS. The leadership can be changed by an ordinary session of the WATC.

Article 6 : Allocation of the President

ln coordination with the permanent secretariat of the WATC, the President chooses the date and the agenda of the sessions. He convenes and led committee meeting. During each session, he chooses a reporter and countersign with him the meeting's minutes. Moreover, the President is responsible for redacting on a little collaboration with the members of the committee, the agenda of investigations and studying to deal with, during the year, and which he proposes for the approbation of the conference. He is responsible for elaborating the account of the annual activities. The President looks over the policies and procedures.

Article 7 : groups of experts

For studying specific subjects, the SCS can choose some groups of experts either among its members or by calling external people while their experiences are seen to be useful.

Article 8 : The recruitments form of the, external experts of the WATC are defined in accordance with the article 25 of the WATC policies and Procedures.

Article 9 : The groups of experts act in the context of SCS and will address their accounts to his president.


CHAPITRE 3 : SCS Sessions

Article 10 : Meeting's duration

The SCS meets in ordinary sessions once a year at least a week before the WATC ordinary session. However, the president can convene an ordinary session if the president of the WA TC requests it or if third of the members of the committee following specific studying subject. ln this latter case, the President of the SCS is to distain the presidency of the WATC, which has the power to approve yes, or not the holding of the session.
During the extraordinary sessions, only the studying subjects, which are the object of the meeting, are treated.

Article 11 : Place of meetings

Meetings are hold in the President's of the SCS original country or in an other place on invitation from a member of the committee.

Article 12 : Participation at the meetings

The members of the committee participate completely in the works as well as any competent people whom participation is seen to be useful.

Article 12 : Contribution at the studying subjects

Each member of the SCS can present a contribution relative at least to one of the studying subject deals in the agenda. Contributions are addressed to the SCS president at least to months before the annual session is hold.
Contributions might have been presented if possible in electronic form.



Article 13 : Expenses of the Organization Session

The expenses of the organization sessions are under the responsibilities of the host country.

Article 14 : Expenses for Participation in Sessions

Expenses of participation session of the members of the SCS are under the control of their respective administration.

Article 15 : Expenses of the execution of studying

The execution studying expenses are if need be under the control of the WATC.



Article 16 : The present policies and procedures come into force from its adoption by the WATC